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2022-02-19 12:18 am

!How's My Flying?

"This's gonna be a big splash.
Hold on to your drawers, an' don't piss in 'em!!"

Cid reading right to you? Too much swearing? Not enough?
Being too much of an ass or less than?
Leave your constructive feedback here.

IP logging's [off]. Anonymous comments are [enabled]. Comment screening's [on].
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2016-07-07 02:45 pm

!General Application

Player Info
Player Name: Jodie
Personal Journal Name: [personal profile] gray_lights

Character Info

Character Name: Cid Highwind
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Canon Point: Just as Geostigma hits something nasty for our heroes
Character's Age: Thirty-Four
Canon resource: Final Fantasy Wiki
How familiar are you with your character's canon?
I've played Final Fantasy VII up to the end (although it's been a few years) and I've seen Advent Children Complete a few times. I'm also familiar with Crisis Core. We don't talk about Dirge of Cerberus. We just don't.
And the rest is here. )
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2010-06-20 09:59 pm

Permissions Post!

Old-ass permissions post no longer in use. Just kept for shits and giggles.

1-- Can my character swear the fuck (emphasize on that word because I love it and will abuse it) around your character? Or would you prefer I censor with "@#$%"s?

2-- Can my character go on stormy, manly raging rants at your character?

3-- Can my character grab your character by the collar of their shirt and beat them senseless with tough love manliness?

4-- Can my character throw things at or around your character in manly rage?

5-- Can my character throw your character?

6-- In what ways wouldn't you want my character to physically harm your character?

Failure to respond to this presents me with the assumption that you will adhere and put up with my crap by default. Jus' sayin'. I warned ya. <3