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Player Info
Player Name: Jodie
Personal Journal Name: [personal profile] gray_lights

Character Info

Character Name: Cid Highwind
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Canon Point: Just as Geostigma hits something nasty for our heroes
Character's Age: Thirty-Four
Canon resource: Final Fantasy Wiki
How familiar are you with your character's canon?
I've played Final Fantasy VII up to the end (although it's been a few years) and I've seen Advent Children Complete a few times. I'm also familiar with Crisis Core. We don't talk about Dirge of Cerberus. We just don't.


Ever since Cid was a pup, he had always wanted to become the first man in outer space. While it was perhaps idealistic and something Cid almost waved off in the end, the dream was always there: through SHINRA, a mega corporation known for its monopolized power supply of Mako energy (read "life energy that they suck from the planet" or "the world's blood stream") and leading research in genetic engineering and space exploration. Not surprisingly, they also have some bite to boot with a subgroup of military known none other as SOLDIER. Because of their space program, Cid was quick to join. And through them, he became an ace for aircraft mechanics and a considerably good pilot. Among his own creations were the Tiny Bronco and the Highwind.

In time, he finally had the chance to live his dreams when SHINRA constructed the rocket, Shinra #26. Cid was the anticipated pilot. However, on the day that the rocket was supposed to launch, the eco-terrorist group, AVALANCHE, attempted to steal the Tiny Bronco and shortly afterward try to stop the rocket's launch by stealing an oxygen tank. Cid was also captured by the group of guerrilla fighters, but in the end he was rescued and had the ship counting down to launch-- until he found out that Shera, one of the leading scientists also behind the program, was inside doing a safety check. Cid was forced to abandon the launch to save her life; that cost him his dream. Shinra cut his funding and the rocket ended up a tourist attraction thus the name of his humble home, Rocket Town.

Cid spent the next several years fuming and blaming Shera at the town. It was only when Cloud and his party met him while Rufus, the current president of SHINRA. was visiting that Cid got thrown into the mix of all things saving the world. While Cid hoped that he could receive the funding to finally relaunch the old space program, that was quickly dashed. All they wanted was his old plane, the Tiny Bronco, to use in order to track down Sephiroth (read "crazed psychopath experiment-gone-wrong yet femininely beautiful who wants to find a means to end the world-- the typical Final Fantasy antagonist"). In the end, Cid refused and Cloud and his party fought off Cid's boss, Palmer, who was also there to negotiate. The Tiny Brono ended up launching pilot-less, the party hopped aboard, and then Cid joined them soon afterward. It was shot down in the end, and Cid felt like his dreams were crushed yet again. Feeling this way though, he decided there was nothing better to do than to just follow along with the band of misfits in their search to find and stop the crazed Sephiroth who was revealed to wish to wound the planet fatally using the black materia (read "piece of condensed lifestream with mind-blowing destructive magic properties AKA creates a giant-@#$%in' meteor that will bring impending doom to the planet if it hits") and become one with the planet when the lifestream (read "planet's blood made of souls") popped out to heal itself. Obviously, it wasn't something Cid would like happening to his planet, so he goes along with the crazy gang.

Cid followed through with their plans up until the incident at the Northern Crater. There, after managing to collect the Black Materia before Sephiroth, it ended up taken by the crazy son of a gun. Aeris/Aerith, one of their fellow party members, left the others at that point. Being a Cetra (read "one of those long since dead ancient people who saved the planet before; in this case, they were the ones who stopped and sealed JENOVA"), she decides that her people must have had a counter-measure and she went to seek it. Unfortunately, this led to her undoing, being stabbed through the chest by "Sephiroth" which was later revealed to be a remnant of JENOVA instead, an alien lifeform that invaded the planet a thousand years ago to infect the populace with a disease that drove them to madness. Due to experimentation and recent upheavals, JENOVA was regaining power.

After defeating the remnant, Cid and the rest of the party raced to stop Sephiroth from activating the black materia at the Northern Crater, but they failed. The crater was destroyed in the process and the party was separated. Sensing the chaos, the planet itself resurrected its guardians, the WEAPONS, as a counter-measure. That was when shit really hit the fan. Cloud went missing and one of their other party members, Tifa and Barret, were captured by SHINRA with the superpower's full intent to execute them as scapegoats for what was happening to the planet.

Soon after though, Sapphire WEAPON launched an attack on where they were being held and Cid and the remaining party followed through to rescue his companions by stealing back the Highwind in the chaos before making a quick get away with Tifa and Barret back in tow. They spent time then searching for their missing member, Cloud, finding him in Mideel in a comatose state. While Tifa stayed to care for him, Cid and the others left to stop SHINRA from attempted to collect Huge Materia (read "really fuckin' powerful condensed magic stones") so that that could load it onto Cid's old rocket and shoot it at Meteor in a counter-strike method of madness.

Cid and the party temporarily thwarted SHINRA's plans before returning to see Cloud. After Ultimate Weapon rose from the ground underneath and attacked Mideel, the lifestream overflowed onto Mideel and Cloud and Tifa were dragged in with it. There, Cloud's real memories which had been lost and muddled throughout the time he spent with the party due to experimentation involving JENOVA were finally regained. Cloud recovered and returned to leadership status. Shortly afterward, the party ended up having to hijack Cid's old rocket to prevent its launch. They failed, however, and Cid ended up stuck with Cloud and Shera on it. While Cid got the chance to live his dream of getting to be one of the first men in space, after an oxygen tank exploded, they quickly made to the escape pods. It seemed that SHINRA's plans would have been thwarted anyway. Cid apologized to Shera for treating her so poorly all those years and looked to her with respect and admiration since.

Shortly after this incident, the party found out that in Aeris' last moments, she had left to try and summon Holy, a powerful magic that could counter Meteor. However, Sephiroth was holding it back at the crater. After one of SHINRA's weapons blasted through the shield that surrounded it, the party made haste to fight off Sephiroth and release Holy. Because Meteor was too close to the planet though, Aeris, with the convenience of being a Cetra, was capable of rallying the lifestream to rise from the planet. It pushed back Meteor before Holy itself collided and negated the power.

The world was safe after that, but it wasn't without consequences. Most of the big cities were in ruins due to the rampage of the WEAPONs. In the shambles though, Cid returned to Rocket Town and worked with Shera to renew the oil rigs for means of fuel. During that time, Barret joined him a while to work on his old airship and find himself a new reason to live. Cid himself was pretty content until he learned of Geostigma that was now plaguing their world. It was a disease that came from when the lifestream surfaced and tainted much of the population with JENOVA cells within it. Cid just kept trying to be as useful as he could throughout the crisis. He saw the others here and there. He would even watch over Denzel and Marlene on occasion. But that only made him feel more grave about the situation. And these feelings deepened when Shera contracted it as well. Whatever plan Cid have of helping to cure this disease were quickly blotched though. Because one day, he woke up to a room that wasn't his own. With fog outside as thick as some "numbskulls" he knows.


Cid would probably be the last man any sane person would refer to at first glance despite his stature of only 5'8". He's got the mouth of a sailor and smokes himself a fog that jokingly might rival the fog of the city. He's very clear cut and direct when it comes to dealing with people when they rub him the wrong way, especially with that short temper of his. It doesn't take much to get him swearing and carrying on. It's almost second nature to his entire existence.

This crude hardass attitude that Cid carries though sometimes clouds others from realizing that he's the genuine article with his words. Cid won't cheat and he won't lie without good reason. He's a very honest man which many might take as surprising unless they've known him a while. This is demonstrated when he finds out that Shera was right all along. He confronts it head on and apologizes to her immediately for his behavior. This doesn't necessarily mean that he's not stubborn though considering how many years he held that grudge onto her. Longer than necessary, even. Cid and grudges are homies. And he'll revel in that if only so he has someone to blame. There's nothing more frustrating to him than to not have a source for the blame. Because then he just doesn't know how to channel those feelings and that just makes him even pissier than usual.

Cid has a kindness though to him that's uncanny. It's a tough love, but it's a strong love. Once he bonds with other people, he'll be on the look out for them no matter what. He'll be willing to sacrifice his dreams for them if he has to (after all, he didn't have to stop the launch of Shinra #26. That was his choice though). And most likely his life. He's got his heart worn on his shoulder and although while he might not be the touchy, feely kind of guy except for around the kiddos, he'll be more than happy to give someone a slap on the back, a pat on the shoulder, or a punch on the gut, depending on the emotional needs of the person. The latter is mainly in reference to those that really need to wake the fuck up and take charge of themselves.

Probably one of Cid's greatest pet peeves are whiners. People who just give up and let things go. Which might seem unfair and hypocritical. But it is perhaps because he allowed himself to do it before that he just doesn't want others to be walking that path, too. So, Cid is someone who tries to prevent people from going down that road. And when he sees himself following it, he shuts everyone out until he gets himself to recover. Too embarrassed to let others see his more tender and emotionally messed up side. Because he's way too manly for that.

Cid will try to cover up that emotional vault though as best he can. Sarcasm is a good outlet for him in that case. He likes to shoot the shit between people, joke around, and make as much smartass remarks as possible. The cocky attitude helps to get through rough situations. And he often takes it to the playing field because of that. Teamed with his bluntness, that's one sharp tongue of his that he has at times.

Underneath it all, he's worried. About Gaia. About Shera. About Denzel, Marlene, Tifa, Cloud. Everyone. And he wishes he could go back already and help them all.

How will you character react to the setting?:

Between dealing with monsters on the plains he's traveled, battling against the military personal back home, facing off against the WEAPONS of the world, and seeing eye to eye with the maniac known as Sephiroth, well... Point is, Cid's seen a lot. He's not exactly an old man while he certainly may act like one, but he's still been around. He's likely to get over the shock quickly and turn to survival mode. And probably anger, especially over a cult phenomenon of religious heretics.

Sephiroth kind of rubbed him the wrong way with that already though he may always teeter between that feeling. What, with Aeris using that "voodoo magic" to also help save the planet. Why can't everything just be explained with science? There's a good chance that Cid will unconsciously play father figure to those already there though, considering most of them are teenagers. Not that he'll ever admit to it if it's ever pointed out. So, basically? He'll be pissed off, concerned, and frustrated all in one go.

Writing Samples

First Person:
[ Audio; ]

What the hell is this shit?

Shera? Tifa? Barret? Sumone? Hell, ya have gotta be yankin' my gears. Cute, real cute. I ain't laughin', ya numbskulls. This old town ain't sum fuckin' resort unless it's for them big, bad, and uglies out there if ya know what I mean.
[ He grunts to himself. ]

If there's anyone out there, gimme a holler. I'm thinkin' I'd like to see the sights a little and get my bearin's on just where the hell I'm at!

Third Person:

Cid chewed at the butt end of his cigarette, just sitting and idly tinkering with his thoughts. He was a man of many words. This was without a doubt. Especially explicit ones. But he could also be a man of many thoughts. And this was especially true with the latest revelation from Barret. He knew there was something fishy going on. He couldn't have placed a finger on it before try as he might, but now it was staring him straight in the face.


Not long after, the rumors started pouring into Rocket Town. And soon after? Immigrants from Edge, trying to flee from the hive of sickness that befell the city. Not many made it. Not many could. But those few that did was all it took. Now, Shera was sick, too.

Cid rubbed the corners of his eyes before sweeping a hand through his hair. He knew moping wouldn't do himself any good. Or her. Or anyone. But at the moment? It seemed like the second best option. The first was swearing and breaking things. But he'd already done that. The chair he broke over the railing near the stairs of the shop was in shambles. Wrenches, screwdrivers, and more littered the floor where he had kicked over a tool box.

But that would be the least of anyone's concern. His free hand resting on his knee lightly was swollen. Blood was leaked from the creaked knuckles and traces of a darkening bruise were apparent. Damned idiot thing to do, he knew. But at the time, it had felt right. But now he was just looking at it spitefully. He couldn't get himself to wrap it. 'cause he was too mad at himself.

It didn't matter what he did with it really, he thought darkly to himself. Because no matter what, it would start to heal. Shera's hand wouldn't. It would continue to keep her up at night, hugging herself in the kitchen while waiting on the kettle. She would drink tea as if it was going out of style. When it first started, he thought maybe it was just a relapse from everything that had happened with Meteor. But as it persisted into a week, he started questioning her. And when she started wearing gloves at the shop, insisting that her hands were starting to dry out from all the work, that was the night he confronted her.

She had cried on his shoulder all night. And he had let her because she had that right. For all those years of unnecessary guilt he had pushed onto her, that had been a meek compromise. And since then, he would be up together with her. He had to deal with shrugging off her protests for a while, but eventually they had come to enjoy that time together. Drinking tea and "shooting the shit". He loved her when she started to ask him awkwardly if they could do the latter. Swearing wasn't exactly something that was a core to her much like it was for Cid. But he knew she liked to humor him sometimes. And it was those times where they could forget about the bigger picture like her hand and Denzel's forehead and the rest of the victims of the plague. Because right then, even through those hard times, those were their times and they would have it no other way.


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