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Old-ass permissions post no longer in use. Just kept for shits and giggles.

1-- Can my character swear the fuck (emphasize on that word because I love it and will abuse it) around your character? Or would you prefer I censor with "@#$%"s?

2-- Can my character go on stormy, manly raging rants at your character?

3-- Can my character grab your character by the collar of their shirt and beat them senseless with tough love manliness?

4-- Can my character throw things at or around your character in manly rage?

5-- Can my character throw your character?

6-- In what ways wouldn't you want my character to physically harm your character?

Failure to respond to this presents me with the assumption that you will adhere and put up with my crap by default. Jus' sayin'. I warned ya. <3

Date: 2010-06-22 02:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
1. Azi - Yeah, Azi just won't appreciate it. But he won't say anything about it - it's your choice, not that angel's.

Russia - says it, too.

2. Azi - yes, and he'll probably try to talk you back to calm like he do.

Russia - yeah, but if you're ranting madly and ragefully at him, don't expect sympathy. Perhaps a pipe to the head.

3. Azi - He's so nice, you won't want to do that~ He understands the tough love deal, but he's a total pansy. Also, Crowley would have something to say about you beating his angel ^^; And so will Ed. And Namine. Too many people love him ._.;;

Russia - Sure, if you want to get beaten senseless right back~ No love included.

4. Azi - Around, yes. At, face the serpent.

Russia - refer to number 3.

5. Azi - Of course~ Again, though, angry demon + angry mob to deal with.

Russia - ....if you can pick him up ._.;;;

6. Azi - He's an Angel D': Why would you do that?! But again, you know, consequences are +1 angry mob and demon.

Russia - have at 'im. But if you touch the scarf he may kill you.


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